Sunsets, family and friends….did I mention hot?

In scrolling through my pictures, it’s apparent much has happened since the last post. Where I left off, we were saying good-bye to Sherry and thinking about packing our bags for a quick weekend turnaround in Portland. Before we left, however, New York gave us Manhattanhenge, a hopefully spectacular sunset aligning with the east-west street grid. In order to see the full effect, one has to stand out in the middle of the street…no easy task in this city. But it didn’t keep people from trying to get the best view. In our neighborhood, the 42nd Street overpass was a perfect spot.

FullSizeRender (15)

So perfect, in fact, it came with entertainment.

That is one thing I’ve grown to love about New Yorkers. As sophisticated and “I’m too cool” as they may act while walking down the street, in the right situation they can and do get just as goofy as the rest of us. Too bad the actual sunset didn’t cooperate.


We went  to Oregon for a joyous occasion, the wedding of Jordan and Megan, daughter of our good friends Bill and Linda.


It was a gorgeous event made even more so by its location on the Oregon coast. 


 The wedding-eve sunset joined in the celebration. It seemed to be shouting, “Congratulations!” right along with the rest of us.


While in Portland we were able to take care of a few home maintenance issues. Thank goodness for our angel of a neighbor, Mary. She discovered an in-ground wasp nest that had to be attended to by the professionals. She has also been watering our pots, which is no small feat in all the heat Oregon has been experiencing. And I must admit, the pots look better than if I would have been home taking care of them. Thank you, Mary.

Back in New York, it was so nice on Wednesday morning to meet up for breakfast with my niece, Emily, her husband, Brad and their two children, Madison and Bradyn. I suggested going to a diner near their hotel. I mean, it’s New York….you have to eat in a diner!  Here for vacation, they had all sorts of sites planned to see while in the city. But the one that brought out the “mothering” in me was Yankee Stadium for a game…..on the subway. Remember photos I’ve posted in the past of the jam-packed trains to Yankee Stadium? I felt like I was sending sheep off to slaughter. But I don’t know why I was so nervous. If the pictures Emily texted were any indicator, they managed just fine. Look at these two, just chatting away, not a care in the world. Regular subway pros!

FullSizeRender (14)

Thursday evening, our New Jersey blues buddies, Margee and Leo, were gracious enough to make the trip into the city for dinner and then a stroll on the Hudson.

FullSizeRender (11)

FullSizeRender (10)

As usual, it was fun to visit and catch up. Why do the coasts have to be so far apart?

Friday night found Brad and me at Citi Field, the Mets’ ballpark. They were playing the Dodgers. Sorry Carolyn and Tom, we had to root for the home team. Not only is Brad devoted to the Red Sox, he loves his Giants as well. No self respecting San Francisco fan will ever cheer for the Dodgers. The Mets couldn’t quite pull it off, even though they played one of Oregon States’ finest, Michael Conforto. Go Beavs!


I enjoyed the food cart tour so much that Sherry and I took during her visit that I booked Brad and me for another version of the same on Saturday morning. Instead of food carts in mid-town we explored both the history and eateries of Greenwich Village…delicious, educational and entertaining rolled into one.


In the evening we went to Lincoln Center for “Out of Doors” a free music festival put on every year for the past 45. Randy Newman was the featured performer, singing both new and the old familiars. If you care to watch, they live streamed it. And no, don’t bother looking for me on camera. My one claim to fame was “The View.”

(By the way, I just got a text from Sherry telling me the audience on today’s “View” received a $100 gift certificate from the Cheesecake Factory.  Jeez!  We thought we did good with free coffee and donuts!)



Even though it was Sunday the next day and stinkin’ hot, I might add, why rest? Brad and I took a slow meander through, yes, you guessed it, Central Park.


We stopped for lunch at one of our favorite spots in the park, Kerbs Boathouse.


We did a bit more park strolling and then left for the subway and home. I love walking the gorgeous streets outside the park on the way to catch the train. My photos don’t do them justice.FullSizeRender (12)FullSizeRender (13)And even though I’m not the most fashion forward person, I always enjoy window shopping on Madison Avenue. Don’t let Brad fool you, he does, too.


We finally made it to the subway. Did I mention earlier it was hot on Sunday? On days like that, the station air is so stifling you can hardly breathe. You hope for a train to pass, any train, just to feel the air it stirs.

IMG_5378But as good as the passing train creating a breeze seems, even better is the air conditioned train that stops to take you home…..



4 thoughts on “Sunsets, family and friends….did I mention hot?

  1. Sherry Dugan

    Lois, I appreciate your blog so much. It is great to see all the things you do during the week. Giants are my team too, so I appreciate you guys rooting for the Mets & not the Dodgers:-) Hope you both have a fun filled week planned.


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